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Design & Build | Design & Build – Highpoint Construction and Renovation, INC

Design & Build

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Renovate Right


Remodeling projects are stressful and often times are accompanied with disappointment and frustration. One of the biggest frustrations is that the total amount spent is more (sometimes substantially) than the original estimate.  This is not always the fault of the homeowner, it really is the fault of the preliminary process.


Even though money should not be the biggest factor when considering who to hire for your project, it is close.  When contractors are called in to bid on a job, the incentive is there for bidders to come in with a lower price in hopes of beating their competition.  To accomplish this the allowances, material and even workscope is minimized to create that low price.  The reality is good people don’t work cheap.


This is why spending time on the design and selections first is the most important thing that can be done to have a successful renovation/addition project that you will be most satisfied with.


The Problem:


When you are ready to add on or renovate your house a common dilemma occurs.  Do you want to pay an architect to make up drawings for a plan you can’t afford to build?


Or call several contractors to give you estimates that end up being all over the place because you don’t have a plan.


The Solution Is Accuracy Before Starting:


The reality is you can’t have one with out the other.  After doing a number of large renovations and additions we have come up with a simpler and effective way to resolve this dilemma.


Affordable First Step:


Depending on the complexity, for a small fee we provide a couple preliminary floor plan design along with some 3-D imagining of the plan.  Then we put together a realistic rough budget range for those options.  This will help to determine if the plan will work before you invest a lot of time and money into it.


Reasonable Second Step:


Because we have done much of the leg work for the architect, the cost is much more reasonable.  For an additional fee (depending on complexity) we would provide architectural stamped drawings, guide you with fixture and component selections, a detailed descriptive proposal with selections listed and a line by line cost work scope so you can see all the cost details.  Nothing is hidden.  This would be for less money than you would spend on an architect alone.


Design Fees Credited Towards Construction Cost:

 The amount spent on the design, drawings and budgeting can be applied towards the construction cost.


So How Does paying for design work first Benefit the Homeowner?


By being willing to pay for a design, detailed work scope and proposal, you are helping yourself have a better run project.  Here are some of the benefits of paying for this.

  • The design starts along with the development of a budget.
  • We do not rush through the bid.
  • Fewer unforeseen costs.  Not rushing the quote means less items missed which means less change orders.
  • The contractor will help you maximize your budget.
  • In cost planning, the contractor has already helped you plan your project down to the smallest details.  This allows for the ability to start the project sooner since all the details are worked out in advance.
  • A more accurate quote.  We will have had our subcontractors furnish quotes for their portions of the project based on the plans and specifications.  Along with the final selection of fixtures, windows, doors and floor coverings.
  • Now with the design and a detailed proposal with all the selections specified, you know what the project will cost before starting
  • The money spent on the design, drawings and budgeting can be credited towards the building of your project.


Check out some of the addition projects we have completed http://highpointny.com/additions


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