Fire Restoration and Insurance

We are an experienced insurance repair contractor, committed to providing world class service in all areas of property damage repairs. Our goal is to repair your property to as good as new.

Dealing with an insurance estimate at a time of personal stress in your life can be very frustrating. We have been through this process many times before and are here to help you through it.


We provide a detailed estimate and scope of work and costs of the project and can work with you and insurance company through the whole process.

The decision whether to repair or replace is critical to a successful restoration. We will be objective and fair in determining the proper method to restore your home or business to pre-loss condition.

What is the process of an Insurance claim?

1) High Point is contacted by the Homeowner or Insurance company.

2) We make an appointment with the home owner to inspect the damage.

3) After inspecting the home we provide a detailed estimate to you and forward it to the insurance adjuster if required.

4) When the content of the estimate is agreed to, a contract is signed and the work can begin.

How Do I know if all the repairs are covered by my insurance policy?

The insurance adjuster knows all the details of your insurance policy. You will need to get all that information from the adjuster.

What if more work is needed?

If additional work is discovered during the renovation, we then must submit a supplement (estimates for extra costs) to the insurance company for their approval.

Can I make changes to to the work scope or have extra work done?

This is usually not a problem, just ask us before the contract is drawn up.

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