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Retail and Commercial | Retail and Commercial – Highpoint Construction and Renovation, INC

Retail and Commercial

Retail and Commercial

If you have a commercial property you are looking to buy or lease you should involve us from the start before you sign the lease or purchase. We can give you a realistic budget estimate for what you are looking to accomplish. When it comes time to do the project we have an
extensive network of commercial equipment suppliers, licensed plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians.

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Remodeling a Commercial Space for Business

When it comes to commercial space and businesses, every inch matters. With the economy on the upswing, now may be the time to consider remodeling a commercial space. Other remodeling Rochester area businesses may also signal now is the time to remodel rather than sell or relocate.

There are many benefits to remodeling Rochester area commercial spaces. First, remodeling a commercial space can bring in a substantial amount of new clientele. The renovated area can rejuvenate the entire look and feel of a product line or service. The refresh rather than tear down approach can update a tired space and a tired business.

Remodeling a commercial space is not just important for customers, but also for employees. Many businesses have discovered remodeling Rochester commercial spaces to ease the flow of employee traffic, maximize stock room space, and increase employee physical comfort is a benefit that pays for itself. Happy employees who are comfortable and can do their job easier make for a better business environment overall.

First impressions matter. Take a look at other remodeling Rochester businesses and notice how a new façade or rejuvenated entry and lighting can truly affect the customer’s first impressions. Any commercial business owner knows first impressions can completely make or break new businesses. If the entry is crumbling, unattractive, or obstructed in any way, you are simply losing potential business. If a new first impression looks contemporary, sophisticated or eye-popping, it can wake up your entire business.

Lighting and color are vital decisions when remodeling Rochester area commercial spaces. Lighting and color both affect mood. Depending on what your business or service essentially is, the color and lighting can either play up your assets or diminish potential clients desire to even stay on the premises. Hues can be soothing, exciting, enticing, calming, and stimulating. Be sure to research and find the combination of hues and textures that will suit the feelings you wish to inspire in newcomers. The same is true for lighting. If your Rochester business is poorly lit, your entire product line can appear dull, lifeless and unworthy of a second look. Well lit but not harsh must balance with inviting and complimentary to your product or service.

Remodeling a commercial for business can be a time consuming and costly step for any remodeling Rochester area establishment. But, if you take advantage of essential tips, verify the credentials of who you choose to guide the way, and understand the importance of every inch of your space, the benefits will soon far outweigh the costs and risks.

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